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Welcome to
Le Petit Pécan!

We are a local Pensacola-based mobile coffee & tea shop born from a love of community, and deeply committed to local and sustainably sourced ingredients.

What We Do & Who We Are:

We serve quality, specialty coffees and organic teas. Our coffees and teas are fair trade, which means that everyone involved throughout the process was paid a fair wage. To learn more about fair trade, click HERE.

We are heavily focused on environmental sustainability. All of our cups are compostable and we work with an environmental consultant to ensure that our business is based in environmentally-friendly practices. We also source as locally as possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

We love our Pensacola community. We pop up at local markets like the Pensacola Community Market and those hosted by local businesses, as well as festivals like renaissance fairs, arts festivals, and more. You can find our schedule on our Instagram and Facebook — we post the upcoming week’s schedule every Sunday.


One of the BEST parts of running our little coffee pop-up has been building partnerships with other local businesses. See below for a list of other small businesses we’re proud to work with to create our local and sustainably sourced menu items.