Welcome to
Le Petit Pécan!

We are a local Pensacola-based mobile coffee & tea shop born from a love of community, and deeply committed to local and sustainably sourced ingredients.

What We Do & Who We Are:

We serve quality, specialty coffees and organic teas. Our coffees and teas are fair trade, which means that everyone involved throughout the process was paid a fair wage.

We are heavily focused on environmental sustainability. All of our to-go items are compostable and we work with an environmental consultant to ensure that our business is based in environmentally-friendly practices.

We are deeply community-oriented, and building new and creative ways to be involved. Reach out to us if you’re interested in collaborating on a project!


One of the BEST parts of running our little coffee pop-up has been building partnerships with other local businesses. See below for a list of other small businesses we’re proud to work with to create our local and sustainably sourced menu items.